In these market studies, our goal is to investigate and review current practices, developments and findings relating to established, putative or speculative clinical biomarkers. We aim not only to profile what is already happening relating to biomarkers but also to identify new discoveries that may offer new and important opportunities in the future. Findings from these studies assist our client’s own developments or plans in the biomarker field. We also help our clients to identify new partnering and acquisition opportunities and to build relationships with key individuals or groups in their own areas of interest. Most important of all, we aim to save our client’s time, by availing them of important market information as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our investigations relating to biomarkers include fundamental and clinical research studies, company disclosures and clinical pipeline developments. We investigate all biomarker types from image-based parameters to proteins and their expression levels, RNA and DNA species, metabolites, traceable substances, antibodies, antigens, mutant proteins, mutations and oncogenes and indeed any parameters that offer utility in any area of research or clinical practice. We also investigate the utilities of biomarkers such as predictive or early stage parameters, in drug-response, prognostics, as surrogates, their use in clinical diagnosis,  disease research, clinical trial end-points and as potential drug targets. Where individual studies allow, we also investigate diagnostic-related parameters such as sensitivity, specificity, robustness, accuracy and reproducibility to assists our clients to gauge the value of these findings in their own areas of interest.

To do this effectively we recognise that we need to delve deeply in terms of published literature and to trawl the many and varied outputs from companies and research groups working in related areas.
These investigations are carried out using online search engines that integrate extensive databases of archived published literature. These bring together thousands of journals across the world and include Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Cochrane Library, Directory of Open Access Journals, EMBASE, Free Medical Journals, Google Scholar, Highwire Press, MEDLINE and Medline Plus, Omni Medical Search, Open Science Directory, Ovid, PsycINFO, PubMed, Science Direct, Scopus, Web of Science and relevant primary journals. Our studies are always up-to-date, ensuring that our clients are provided with new findings as soon as possible in their own field. If you have a market research requirement and you would like to contact us, please using the following link or call us directly on +44 1487 843 722
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