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John Bates Ph.D

Bioscience Systems sells kits and reagents for research laboratory use including fluorescent nano-crystals, fluorogens and tagging vectors for expressing fluorogen activating peptide (FAP) fusion proteins, plasmids with GPCRs fused to the alpha 2 or the beta 1 positions, validated cell lines expressing FAP tagged GPCRs and ES cell lines expressing a single GFP-fusion protein under native regulation.

What we do

At Bioscience Systems our goal is to support the needs of our customers as quickly and as efficiently as possible

Bioscience Systems offers a range of specialised laboratory products for use in life science and clinical research. Our goal is to enable our customers to advance their laboratory activities, to help address their needs and challenges in their work while offering both time and costs savings.

Our products are used in academic research laboratories, pharmaceutical and bioscience companies, government organisations and clinical research departments | Technical support.

We endeavour to ensure that products sold on this website meet current standards on limiting CO2 emissions in both manufacture and shipment. We also make every effort to arrange shipment of orders on the same day and any technical questions relating to the use and applications are answered directly by the product developers.

Bioscience Systems provides before and after sale support to our customers to help our customers achieve as much as possible from the products and services we provide. We work to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity and make every effort to provide competitive pricing to our customers | Quality policy.

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We very much welcome customer feedback on our products and services

This information is used to improve our support to customers and in the developments of new laboratory products | Keep in touch

We also invite any feedback on our website and if you have any questions, please don‘t hesitate to get in touch | Contact us